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Australian Fluoridation News
Bi-monthly water fluoridation news from Australia. Includes translation into several languages.
The British Fluoridation Society was founded in 1969 by a group of concerned professionals.
Flex America
Providing weekly claims processing, internet account accesscare and more.
Fluoride Action Network
An international coalition to end water fluoridation and alert people to fluoride's environmental and health risks.
Fluoride Free Water Ireland.
A citizens group campaigning for an end to water fluoridation in Ireland.
Examines the biological and other effects of fluoride on animal, plant, and human life.
Freedom from Fluoride in Nalgonda, India
Petition, links and information about the tragedy afflicting this town because of natural fluoride in the water supply.
Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation
A group of dentists calling for an end to water fluoridation in Ireland. Includes links to more information.
Features excerpts from articles and discussions that discuss the alleged dangers of water fluoridation.
Protected Pollutant or Panacea
Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported?